[Posted on NoFSA-NET Dec. 17, 2002 by Anne Waldrop <anne.waldrop@sai.uio.no>]





Contemporary India – A Summer Program in India


The board of the Nordic Center in India announces a four-week summer program on the topic of Contemporary India.  The program will consist of lectures and field trips organized by the Study in India Program of the University of Hyderabad in the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. 


The program is to take place at the University of Hyderabad campus during July, 2003, and students will earn the equivalent of 4 credits, according to the system of the University of Hyderabad.  The translation of these credits into the Nordic system of calculation may differ from university to university, or college to college, in the Nordic region.  At the University of Oslo, for example, the program would constitute 10 studiepoeng or one module/course. 


Participating students and the Director and board of the Nordic Center in India will negotiate with students’ home universities and colleges over the granting of credit by their institutions.


The cost of the course is US$400 (US$100 per credit).  Students will live on the University of Hyderabad campus where room and board will cost approximately US$60 per week.  The cost of the program is dependent on the number of students attending and is under negotiation.  A minimum of 12 students is required to carry out the program.


The deadline for registration and further details about the Summer Program will be announced after New Year’s. 


Questions should be addressed to the current Director of the Nordic Center, Anne Waldrop anne.waldrop@sai.uio.no,


The Nordic Center in India is legally constituted in the Nordic region and is awaiting official recognition by the Government of India before becoming established as a liaison office in India.


The website for the University of Hyderabad is: www.uohyd.ernet.in